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سیستم یکپارچه شرکت الوان

In recent years the technology has become one of the most fundamental issues in the globe and it is vital for any organization or company to invest in this field.

Due to intense competition in the global economy and trade, the development of information management systems is felt more than ever by the companies, managers of organizations and companies increasingly seek to enhance the quality of their products and services, of course, to achieve these goals, using information technology and integrated automation systems in industrial and commercial collections is crucial. MIS or Management Information Systems serve managers as IT specialist, Alvan’s management information system not only is comprehensive based on specific needs of ALVAN Cooperative Company, but also is specifically designed and prepared tailor made for this company.
Cooperation, consultation and support of company’s CEO Mr. Mahdi Alikhanzadeh, management of factory Mr. Mohammed Alikhanzadeh, all senior executives, managers and users, as well as continuous and relentless efforts of Dr. Amir Alikhanzadeh, his staff in software and hardware engineering department, as well as the unwavering support of Deputy of, research and development, Mr. Reza Alikhanzadeh, Deputy of strategic planning, strategic guidance and advices , Dr. Maryam Kamrani in establishing the necessary infrastructure all together have made this task implementation possible.

Company’s Intranet

In addition to the main website containing comprehensive and complete information on the activities of the company, intranet of the company with access to all system applications is designed and is now accessible based on licenses and privileges assigned to the Administrators and users.

In fact, an internal portal is a gateway and port for entry and access to all applications require by different units of the company and users.

In the company’s portal in addition to the mentioned facilities, required information regarding ISO documents, including guidelines, procedures and forms in the current system as well as the financial and administrative regulations and circulars is available.

Active databases in the company

ALVAN’s Systems and Applications are designed in such a way that all applications make use of the various databases. A database can be thought of as a kind of electronic filing cabinet; it contains digitized information (“data”), which is kept in persistent storage of some kind. Users can insert new information into the database, and delete, change, or retrieve existing information in the database, by issuing requests or commands to the software that manages the database is(DBMS). Main databases are independent and can be used in different applications but at the same time they can be updated by technical archive or quality control unit or the defined admin of the database. Our main and basic databases in ALVAN are as follows:

شرکت رنگ و رزین الوان Products database
شرکت رنگ و رزین الوان Raw Material database
شرکت رنگ و رزین الوان Packing database
شرکت رنگ و رزین الوان Customers database

Alvan’s DBMS is a complex piece of software, and it consists of many components. The DBMS acts as an intermediary between the logical and physical databases; in other words, it supports the user interface to the database. It provides certain security, concurrency, integrity, and recovery controls.
By setting admin for each of the banks, not just incorrect data entry and data integrity can be avoided entirely, but the lack of accountability in the member units will be increased and information updated will be done properly.
Systematic approach in implementing the required applications has been integrating programs, processes and emphasis on ERP systems and having a paperless office systems or electronic forms and applying them in the current workflow of each process in the business.

Applications in finance field

In a manufacturing plant, financial applications and its subsets are the main parts of an integrated system.

Financial systems composed of elements that are associated with each other purposes and move together toward pre-defined goal that is making information by processing data.

This information is used by managers to help and support them to achieve organizational objectives.

By studying the functions and roles of managers it can be deduced, what managers do at different levels of the organization and its environment.

Based on the decision level, managers need information with a special structure to be able to play their roles the best way possible.

Alvan’s software is designed and implemented the way to meet these goals.

Accounting System

Payments System (treasury)

Payroll System

Fixed Asset System

Applications in the trade & commerce field

Trade & commerce is one of the most important departments in a firm.

A company who can establish a good business relationship with customers and consumers is the one who have a successful trade and commerce unit.

Trade and commerce unit in an enterprise tries to attract customers and offer them the right product or service on the right time.

In today’s stressful business world applying new technology tools in a business is a necessity in order to save opportunities or convert threats to opportunities.

For this reason applying simple but smart software that is able to fulfill all business processes and put it in the MIS has been a strategic goal in Alvan.

Alvan’s software is a unique that beside the simplicity is smart and strong that can satisfy the company’s aims in this field.

Ordering System

Purchasing and Supply System

Sales System

Applications in manufacturing and engineering field

In manufacturing factories, one of the important softwares, is the production program, all the definitions and procedures which are needed for producing products are in this program.

Alvan’s DBMS is a complex piece of software, and as mentioned before it consists of many components, acts as an intermediary between the logical and physical databases. It provides certain security, concurrency, integrity, and recovery controls.

By setting admin for each of the banks, not just incorrect data entry and data integrity can be avoided entirely, but the lack of accountability in the member units will be increased and information updated will be done properly.

All basic data definitions are retrieved from the relevant databases.

As a result, one of the challenges facing managers in the manufacturing process that is monitoring the production process can be fully covered. If these processes are not well managed it can reduce the competitive power and increase production costs in the industry.

The reason for the company's software integration process is giving us an integrated view of our company's operations .




Quality control



In the field of office works

Value of the documents as intangible assets of a company was almost unknown and document management as a process counted as a costly activity, but to succeed in today's environment, organizations need to produce, manage and organize accurate, fit, and qualified documents.

In this regard, using technology to create huge volume of documents and organize them in an effectively form is essential.

Personnel records and documents management, in order to collect and preparation of documents and records, process and distribute them among the different levels of users and applications, at the right time, with quality and appropriate precision and appropriate to the type of application and use, are designed and implemented to prevent the dispersal of information and lack of required documentation.

Until recent decades, small and medium size enterprises (sme) really didn’t need to collect, process, store, analyze and distribute information, therefore no specific technical knowledge and methodologies to manage and organize documents, were needed.

Personnel system

The individuals and companies database

Alvan’s web develop and design department

واحد طراحی وبسایتهای شرکت رنگ الوان

The twenty-first century is characterized by its rapid technological advancement. Our lifestyles and ways of interacting with people have changed significantly as digital technologies turn ubiquitous in our life. The twenty-first century, being described as the century of ICT means ability to use digital technology, communication tools and/or networks, to access, manage, integrate, evaluate and create information.

So, due to this issue it is wise to look at the technology, skills and tools associated with this century as industrial and even post- industrial tools and technologies and hence it is a must for a company to move from the traditional business systems towards modern systems via digital medias. Designing a modern site and compatible with the latest standards is the first step in the path toward a new global trade.

Today if you ask people what a website is, you will be answered in a way, but the question is, if we really know what it is and what resources and technologies have been used to run it.

ALVAN’s website is a location to display a collection of thoughts, beliefs, preferences, feelings, products and services of its developers in a form accessible to all humanity all around the world.

With the development of communication and new advertising methods, web design department of the company has tried to design a web site that is capable to play the role of information and communication tools such as telephone, mobile, TV, newspapers and other Medias. Designing our website as a form of multimedia, (Multimedia, an information tool that includes various forms of media, including text, images, sound, animation, video, etc.) and placing it on the Web available to all users in the world, has turned our website into one of the best in the country, all thanks to the devoted efforts of creators, innovators and professional staffs in the company’s web designing department.

Our team has always tried to be in line with Alvan's corporate strategy and move toward the Alvan's vision straight and stable.

In this regard, by reviewing the services that the web site should provide the visitors, we tried to attempt to identify the precise levels of visitors and their interests based on the education and social levels, the level of knowledge in the use of the Internet, to build a successful site popular and practical to meet the needs of all the audience and even the stakeholders.

Studying the psychology of the visitors and colors in the formulation of the site's graphic and architecture map and then implementing them in the site's construction map was in the agenda of our site strategist and developer which results in creating a worthy work for the company and the audience, statistics shows that the site is cherished by all its visitors across the globe.

Using appropriate media and software technology for programming; designing and implementing with the help of knowledge, experience and expertise of designers; and the integrity of the site with databases and information systems to provide a variety of reports, manage, and optimize to increase visitors strategy through the use of web in this segment has been the key to our success.

A brief definition of network services and hardware department in ALVAN

واحد سخت افزار شرکت رنگ الوان

Today all human beings are dealing with a term of technology that is called network. In order to monitoring and maintenance of all hardware devices, periodic maintenance, track all the breakdowns and requests, specialized hardware structures and professional staffs are required, so, proper hardware architecture is a must in our company. This importance is the main duty of NOC department in Alvan; they do all their best and use all their capabilities to keep all the devices work properly. When maintenance and repair of computer equipment, office machines, equipment, etc. are performed correctly, it will reduce costs and increase productivity.

Three main responsibilities of NOC at Alvan are:

1) Support Network
2) Support computers and peripherals
3) Research

Among the services the followings can be mentioned:

1) Repair the hardware components
2) Replacement of defective hardware components
3) Fixing network connectivity problems
4) Preparation of media including installation of network equipment
5) Consulting services to departments and staff
6) Create a wireless connection to connect to the internal network and the Internet
7) Design, installation and commissioning of the required Networking
8) Support, troubleshooting and network management
9) Support and maintenance and troubleshooting computer hardware industry
10) Monitoring and control of network users
11) Set up a CCTV camera (IP Camera)