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About Alvan's Products

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We Add Color to Your Life...

ALVAN paint ( ALVAN Paint and Resin Corporation ) by offering products with stable quality has continued to be active in this field more than three decades, the company’s most important and greatest capital is the customer’s trust and loyalty. Having qualified manpower with professional experience in various sectors of the company who are the greatest assets of our enterprise and on the other hand our belief in compliance the standard commands in quality control of raw materials, semi-manufactured product, production process, packaging materials and finished products is considered the key to this stable, continuous quality. After years of struggling and nonstop hard work in the paint industry, today because the trust of customers ALVAN is known as a reliable national and regional brand in three different categories as follows:

Protective and Industrial Paints and coatings, Decorative Paints and Engineering Products

Protective Paints

In oil, gas, petrochemical and refineries, dams and water conveyance facilities, power plants and transmission lines, docks, marine installations, steel and other industries massive amount of protective paints are used, this large volumes due to environmental conditions require to be protected against environmental factors. The best and simplest way to protect these metal constructions, is applying proper coating systems. A coating system is a set of multi-layer coats which protects the surface. A coating system should have features such as adhesion to the substrate surface and paint adhesion to each other. The thickness of the paint layer is of great importance in defining the thickness of the paint system coloring pointed out. Choosing and designing the correct and suitable coating system that is capable of protecting the desired surface against different environmental factors is very important. Environmental and functional factors rapidly degraded the surfaces that are not covered with a protective coating which causes irreparable damages. Experiences gained over the years by our company, today, as a valuable support in order to maintain economic capital are in the hands of our customers, providing technical consultation to projects/ construction industry projects by skilled experts of ALVAN, is one of the shades of services we offer to our clients in all phases of design, construction and operation.

Our consultants are always at your side ...

By using the latest scientific and technical achievements in the paint industry worldwide which are followed by ALVAN’s professionals in the field of Research & Development (R & D), highest quality products have always been offered to our customers who are counted as Alvan’s family.

Our technical associates help our dear customers in two different stages...

First stage: Advice to consumers before they purchase products

Technical advice regarding the provision of appropriate methods for the preparation at different levels considering the surface, weather conditions, temperature, environment pollution, plus other parameters on one hand and on the other hand, the practical conditions for the stability assessment of the expected color, are the most important factors in the choice of paints that should be addressed to our dear customers, in this field our certified experts & counselors provide the customers with the Alvan’s best offers. Technical advises that are offered by Alvan’s professionals are in consistency with international standards; While protection of surfaces including metal, pipes, tanks, interior and exterior surfaces of buildings will increase the usage and aesthetic levels.

Second stage: After-sales services

Counselors can also provide consumers with preparation, deployment and implementation of coating systems, with emphasis on their extensive experience and thorough technical and scientific tools, the technical parameters can be controlled and the necessary services shall be provided. Compilation and presentation of reports during the periodic visits of our experts, stained surfaces can be well taken care of in a long time that is considered as the most significant cost reduction factor and is very important as a primary prevention.

Decorative paints

Alvan’s decorative paints and stain colors provide consumers with health and environmental standards. Production of water-based acrylic paint for maintaining personal health and ease of their application by all users; elimination formaldehyde as a toxic substance and harmful product formulation; removal dryer of lead-containing paint due to high pollution and its negative impact on consumer health and the use of LPG that have no unpleasant odor in Alvan’s spray paint production lines are among the best efforts of our company over thirty years of experience in the paint industry.

Engineering Products

Being consistent with the significant developments in the construction industry along with using  high performance materials for light and fast implementation with greater safety and compatibility with the environment, plus having done extensive researches by our R&D department, and on the other side, by applying up to date professional experiences, ALVAN has always tried to offer products that are related to building and construction industry. Some of these products are as follows:

1) Water-based and solvent-based Fire Retardant Paints & Coatings
2) Epoxy floor coatings and MEGAMAN 
3) Mega Stone (Special adhesive bonding stone to concrete and concrete to concrete) 

4) Cool White Insulation

5) ALVAN's Nano Products like ALVAN NANOSIL

6) Alvan FireStop (Special fire retardant spray to keep the burning substance from the burning process and block the start of any fire)

7) Alvan Power 1,2,3 (High adhesive power fast drying product suitable for conjunction metal, wood, MDF, rubber, plastic, stone & ceramic parts)

Not to mention that these products can be used in each of the stages/ phases of construction projects, while our new products that are designed and manufactured will be unveiled in a near future.

So far in compliance with the quality commands of domestic and international standards, international management protocols, the company has been successful in passing these national & international certificates, ALVAN has been found to conform ISO / IEC 17025 : 2005 by DAP, Germany; ISO 9001 : 2008 by DQS, Germany as well as ISO / TS 29001: 2010 by DQS, Germany; Obtaining the International Reference Laboratory Certificate & the CE certificate in 2013, 2014, 2015 & 2016 have been some of the other achievements of the company .

Different titles and honors enhanced because of the production of high quality products which always have been the company's superior goal, supporting & observing the rights of customers plus with company’s continuous efforts have also brought numerous honors to this manufacturing complex over the years, like Receiving Plaque of Appreciation for exemplary exporter of the country and state (2009, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2016), Receiving Plaque of Honor and statue at Top Brand & Industry Champion for 3 years(2011, 2015. 2016), Selection of the company as exemplary industrial unit in quality control and products standards (2002, 2003, 2008, 2012, 2013, 2014), Receiving Plaque of Appreciation and golden quality statue from 1st Standard Seminar as the top company selected(2011),Certificate of Compliance with IMP, Nano-meter (2015), Receiving Statue at the National Conference on Productivity (2015), Receiving Trophy & Plaque of Honor at the 10th Top National Cooperatives Festival (2015), Top Exemplary Company at the 3rd Festival of Iran's Top Companies -TOPEX ( 2015 ), Top National company in Commitment to Excellence from Iran National Quality Award (2015), winner of MENAA "Best business leader award" (2015), Recipient of the Medal & Certificate as Leader of the Branch in Kazakhstan for 2 years (2015-2016), Recipient the Trophy & Certificate of Commitment to TQM QC-100 from International Quality Crown Award in the Diamond Category (2016), Receiving Golden Trophy of Renowned/ Top Brand in the 4th National Festival of Popular Brands, Receiving trophy and commendation letter of Customer Trust in Paint Industry plus with DQV- Color Industry Certificate from ICS Group and Trophy of Top Product Manager in Producing Constructional Paints as Selected Brand at the 3rd Joint Meeting on the National Development Intermodal Transport, Building, Roads & Urbanization (2016)  & so on, each is a golden leaf in ALVAN’s glorious history which has come true in the light of God's grace and the efforts of managers co-workers and the support of our clients.

ALVAN has held applied training courses during years and has found its way of creating awareness on acquaintance with the paints, colors and coatings required in any industry and meet real needs of the industry in practice, so has been successful in taking impressive steps in developing the proper use of paints and coatings. Our experts continually respond to various customers' queries and receive their suggestions, we believe in handling feedback/ complaints to ensure complete satisfaction of our dear customers.